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Windows 8

Welcome to the world of Windows 8. FireAcad is proud to present the working FireAcad for all Windows 8 platforms.

Created FireAcad 3D to Revit

Still Drawing in 2D? Why not take advantage of FireAcad's Newly enhanced 3D capability where 3D piping is created in FireAcad and then with a click of a button in Revit, FireAcad will automatically produce the 3D piping. This is for to check interference and to coordinate. It is a very simple process.

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License Fee

All of our FireAcad's products will receive a free support and licence fee included for one year.

Auto 3D View

Auto View 3D command will flip the 2D view to an actual 3D view.

Make 3D Piping

Make 3D command will produce an actual 3D piping of the 2D system.

Live Chat

Take advantage of the live chat for support.

Design Software Sprinkler Program FireAcad

FireAcad is one of the leading design sprinkler software program that provides many commands to complete the sprinkler drawings. The design software sprinkler program is based on AutoCAD®. Design software sprinkler program by FireAcad can produce a tree, loop, grid and slope sprinkler systems. Also, it can extract information from the sprinkler drawing for the hydraulic calculation and material listing automatically. It takes less times to finish the sprinkler drawings. Design software sprinkler program is based 100% on the current edition of the NFPA Code!

FireAcad is Capable of Creating a 3D View to Navis or Revit for BIM Use

FireAcad design software sprinkler program is made simpler with:
  • Compatible to 64 bit Campatible to 64 bit
  • Create 3D drawing
  • Insert piping cut texts
  • Minimize the clutter texts
  • The new NFPA calculation printout
  • FireAcad's own profile
  • Auto detect valid objects
  • Report drawing errors
  • Pre-designed details
  • Show only the selected layers
  • Change to any system types
  • Draw Piping layout with ease
  • Produce Material lists & calculations

FireAcad 3D pipe can convert to Revit with just one click of a button.


Totally brand new hydraulic caluclations for the coming AutoCad 2014.